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Karolina Adamczak is Polish born, Ireland raised Artist, currently working and living in Valencia, Spain.


Karolina works primarily in the media of video art and performance. Her works explore what it means to be human by delving into our feelings and emotions. Through her work, Karolina aims to highlight the importance of allowing ourselves to experience and express a full spectrum of our emotions, something that is generally not encouraged by the modern society which instructs us to always remain positive, independent and strong rather than to be vulnerable and honest. She exposes structures and aspects of modern society which make us feel detached. By exposing the more hidden or unspoken parts of our lives, Karolina aims to make us feel more connected. The artist also criticizes human tendencies which lead us to neglect ourselves, those around us as well as our surroundings. 


Karolina’s past works have dealt with topics such as loneliness, the marketisation of feelings and emotions, unfulfilled dreams and ambitions, human ignorance and the importance of death. Overall, all of her work is linked to the idea of love. 


Karolina’s work is derived from my real experiences. ​Karolina sees her  practice as a form of activism and a way to challenge and expose social issues and taboos. She believes in the capacity of art and its ability to impact and heal society.

Photo- Leon Farrell  / Photocall Ireland.

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