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Lots of Friends, 2020

Film, 00:05:12


The film examines what is lacking in modern communication. While in despair for human connection we turn to our devices. The monologue in the film is inspired by conversations I have had on online anonymous chat rooms during the production of this work. The idea originates back to my adolescent life where I would turn to such sites in search of belonging. The internet is a space where we show off how loved we are. Simultaneously, it is also a space where we turn to when we are lonely as we search for validation. However, yearning for connection is considered desperate and to be so lonely one has to turn to an anonymous chatroom is as desperate as one can be deemed. Yet sites like Omegle have been one of my generations first interactions with the web, the first place many of us experienced intimacy. The film aims to break this cycle of alienation by exposing this shamefully deemed experience in aid to normalise feelings of loneliness.

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