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My First Day, 2022

Film, 00:05:09

The film depicts bleachers of an unspecified location. The figure in the film acts as a spectator. As she moves through the location, she repetitively pauses to observe as though watching a spectacle. The bleachers function as a metaphor for a place we go to when we rewatch our memories. The figure reminisces on her first day of an unspecified event. She fantasizes about a memory that never actually took place.

The project concerns the regret of the past, specifically focusing on career decisions and unfulfilled dreams. Throughout our childhood we are constantly questioned about who we would like to be when we 'grow up'. We often talk about fulfilling our childhood dreams as adults. However, as it takes us time to discover who we are, we don’t always figure out our path while we are children. We dream in the past as we wish for the things we wish we did, known or had. 


The idea originated from the artist’s first experience of being told she was too old to begin a career at the age of seven, after seeing an advertisement at a local swimming pool for synchronised swimming.

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