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The river is reflected in the clouds, 2023

Video, 00:02:33

The work presents a fictional alternative reality in which humans have been forced to abandon Earth due to its destruction. The work does not specify where humans have relocated to, however, as the title of the work suggests, it can be interpreted that people have moved to another planet. On Earth, clouds are normally reflected in the river, while the title states the opposite. This suggests that humans no longer look at the sky from Earth, therefore, they would be looking at the remains of Earth from outside, possibly from another planet. The other option suggested by the title of the play is that humans have moved to a virtual existence in the "cloud".


As humans we tend to focus on an idea of constant progress based on materiality, consumerism and yearning for things without recognizing and caring for what we have. The work presents a scenario of what could happen if we don't start acting on the ecological crisis. The work aims to put things in perspective for the viewer and allow them to find themselves in a situation where the consequences are irreversible. The beautiful landscapes pictured are intended to encourage the viewer to reconnect with nature and to appreciate and care for our Earth before it is too late.

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